School Radio

Coming Soon! An innovative initiative of Digital School.... An exclusive Radio for the young generation... School Radio...

School Radio places a spotlight on young broadcasters utilizing the power of radio to share their stories, knowledge, skills and experiences with the global audience. The RADIO which emerged as the best means of news broadcasting in the past is now a powerful tool for the present and future generation. Our younger generation must be included not just as listeners but as active producers and creators of content utilizing this very best medium.

NGO Funding Workshop

Digital School is organizing a workshop on "Funding Opportunities for NGOs " in Visakhapatnam on 28 August 2015.
The sessions focus on:

  • Funding opportunities in Government, CSR and Foreign Agencies
  • Guidelines and formats of different Funding agencies
  • Basics of Proposal Writing
  • Basics of Documentation

Workshop helps participants to:

Web Designing Workshop for NGOs

Web Designing Workshop for NGOsDigital School is organizing a series of Web Design Workshops for NGOs. The workshop helps the NGO Representatives to use Information, Communication Technologies in an effective way.  The participants need to have some basic knowledge about computers and internet. If they know how to open, type something, save and close a Word Document - that is enough.